Cotton Boll Flour Sack Towel

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Louisiana Lagniappes Foods is keeping with Southern charm and favorite staples, but who does not love cotton no matter your side of the Mason Dixon Line? The world loves cotton! The Cotton Boll Flour Sack Towel's texture and style only becomes better with time as you wash. Detail is found in every aspect of the art found on our Flour Sack Towels. A classic, white fluffy cotton boll with a maroon ombre stem on one of our quality, beautiful white flour sacks is not to disappoint any home or space.

Therefore, do not limit placement of our Cotton Boll Flour Sack Towel as just an ornamental towel hanging in the kitchen -- looking gorgeous, without a doubt --, but our Louisiana Lagniappe Foods gift towels are also stunning as framed wall decor or behind pressed glass of a table. The quality of the flour sack towels we offer at Louisiana Lagniappe Foods provides and allows for such decorative use as an eye catching piece in any space. From our towels to our jellies and more, we ensure "a little something extra" with all Louisiana Lagniappe Foods products from quality and Southern style we personally ensure. 


  • great as gifts or for oneself 
  • Louisiana Lagniappe classic style 
  • only best quality flour sacks and paint used for long lasting durability
  • simple decorative towel or decor piece 


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