Salsa Verde

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Louisiana Lagniappe Foods has a wide but taste bud specific choice of salsas available in our Southern Style Salsas. For those looking for minimal heat, look no further than Southern Verde Salsa made with red and green tomatoes! Our milder of salsas is ideal for parties, mixing with our other flavors, or for those who are not looking for that "kick" in their salsa. All of our salsas are made with local fresh full to the rim flavor tomatoes, peppers (WHICH), and ingredients hand selected throughout our salsa making process. All of our salsas are made WITHOUT sugar! How ideal and door opening for those with dietary priorities or cutting sugar out of their diet?! Your taste buds will thank you and possibly cause a food dance after each bite of our fresh,flavorful one of a kind Southern Verde Salsa. Be warned, salsa off the grocery store shelf or in restaurants will be lacking your new salsa standard. Each ingredient pours out in each taste of our salsas from the moment you pop open the lid. 


  • Only the best fresh local ingredients in every jar.
  • Unlike most Verde Salsas, ours is made with red and green tomatoes for a special type of kick.
  • Southern Verde Salsa is perfect for any salsa lover looking for that different type of heat to satisfy their taste buds. 
  • Certified Louisiana product.  


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